About Us

The proprietress Mrs. Clara Saraswathy of Sree Bhairavar Exports And Imports is an Engineer by Profession, having years of experience in Software field with Satyam Computer Services Ltd and HCL. Her interest in agricultural business started after purchasing an agricultural land in interior of Tamil Nadu. The basic idea was to provide good and healthy agricultural products without the harmful effects of pesticides and other chemicals for her family. Ms.Clara is strong believer of Food is Medicine and we needn’t invest on chemicals to resolve any of our health problems.

As time passed the basic idea took shape as why not the Indian grown organic commodities be made available to rest of the world. There are many herbs available in India which are being used for more than 1000 years as medicines. Our goal is reach these products to the rest of the world. Thus started our Sree Bhairavar Exports and Imports.

Our team comprise of

  • Quality inspectors

  • Marketing staff

  • Engineers

  • Agricultural experts

  • Technician



We aspire for the highest standards of ethical behavior. This means doing the right thing for our clients, employees, communities and the environment in which we operate.

Customer Focus

We take time to understand what’s our clients expectation and tailor our services to meet those needs.


It’s in our nature to think differently, use our initiative to seek out new ways and to add value

Quality and cost conscious

We work to optimise value for our clients, without compromising quality and integrity.

Driven to deliver

We relentlessly focus on delivery and exceeding our clients’ expectations.

Ultimately the key to helping your local community as a business is to be a responsible citizen. It is important to realize that your business is a part of the community and that you have to make decisions that will promote the greater good rather than just making money. The same goes for our import services, we provide many options suitable to import your needs

Why trade with us:

Below mentioned factors have helped us in creating a benchmark in the industry and keep an edge over our competitors: