Cereals are the main component of human diet and are crucial for our survival. Rice, maize and wheat account for the bulk of human food. They are also processed into various products such as starch, malt, biofuel (alcohol) and sweetener (i.e., high fructose corn syrup). We offer the grains based on the industry in which it will be used. And they include
Basmati and Non-Basmati rice ,Brown rice, wheat, maize , sorghum, millet varieties, barley and other cereals..


Pulses are dry, edible seeds of plants in the legume family. They are good source of protein, fiber, folate and iron rich. Keeping in view large benefits of pulses for human health, the United Nations has proclaimed 2016 as the International Year of Pulses. By products of pulse plant are used as fodder crops.
We provide
Bengal gram, horse gram, chick peas, lenthils, kidney beans,pigeon pea, black gram, peas, red gram….etc


Spices are mostly used for colouring, flavouring and preserving food. They have anti microbial properties. Because of this reason they are mostly used in warmer climatic regions where infectious diseases are more prevalent. This is why they use spices in Non vegetarian food to prevent spoiling.

Our range of spices includes

turmeric, cumin, black pepper, mustard, coriander, fenugreek, cardamom, cloves, etc

Processed foods

Not all processed food are a bad choice. Infact some foods needs to be processed to make them safe for human consumption. Eg. milk

Mango Pulp, Dried and Preserved Vegetable, Other Processed Fruit and Vegetable, Pulses, Groundnuts, Guargum, Jaggery & Confectionary, Cocoa Products, breakfast cereals, cheese, tinned vegetables, savoury snacks, convenience foods - microwave or ready meals …. etc

Organic products

Organic products are made from materials produced by organic agriculture. It requires organic certification. Our organic export includes wide varieties of

Cereals, pulses, spices, nuts, honey, sugar…. etc

Oil and Oil seeds

we have a wide range of oil for different purposes like culinary, medicinal.
Oil seeds like Groundnut, mustard/rapeseed, sesame, safflower, etc

Edible oils like Sunflower oil,Groundnut oil,Mustard oil,Gingely oil, etc (Cold press/Refined)

Herbal products

In general use, herbs are any plants used for food, flavoring, medicine, or fragrances for their savory or aromatic properties. We offer both culinary and medicinal herbs.

Neem, Moringa, root varieties,Amla , Basil, Aloe vera, henna, Hibiscus, Rose etc

Note: we are happy to provide the above in whatever form the customer requires.


We offer a wide range of handicrafts made from textiles, leather, wood, glass,clay, stone, paper and canvas.

These include Brass handicraft ,clay works,glass handicrafts including Gifts,Fashion Jewellery & Accessories etc


Nuts are a good source of protein, healthy fats and and anti oxidants. They are a store house of micro nutrients and minerals. They boost our immune system and keeps us full. A handful of nuts a day keeps the doctor away.

We offer Cashew, Raisins, almonds, Pistachio, peanuts, walnuts, sun flower seeds, pumpkin seeds, seasame seeds etc.


Who doesn’t like the vibrant colours and the sweet smell of the flowers. India is a home to many varieties of flowers and decorational plants. What we offer in floriculture is given below
cut flowers, pot plants, cut foilage, seeds bulbs, tubers, rooted cuttings and dried flowers or leaves