Quality Policy & Methodology

Quality policy

We strongly believe that the best quality of our products will always keep us ahead in the global market despite the competition. Our quality control experts deeply analyze our entire range of products on various parameters to make certain that we are offering our customers nothing but the best.

We procure quality products from across India, ensure that they match export norms and export them to other countries. We adhere to all export standards set by our country and the importing country and ensure that the quality is not compromised at any level.

We follow 100% mandatory Traceability Plan that includes Procurement Plan, Storage, Processing, Containerization and Shipping. All required fumigation and other quality certification etc, are maintained as per the request of our clients and our internal corporate governance team.

Certifications of goods are provided by competent authority. The same can also be made available to the customer at their request.


Our export service team navigates through latest regulations, proper documentation, expedites transit, and lowers shipping costs with truly personalized service. You can be confident that our convenient and reliable transport service will help you complete your shipping with ease.